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Blockchain Developer Claims He Found Satoshi’s Original 0.1 BTC Codebase

A decade has passed believing that the original 0.1 Bitcoin coding attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto was lost. While it is not impossible to have retrieved the bits and pieces of code by searching, it is extremely challenging. Jim Blasko, a blockchain developer, posted on Facebook on October 7 that he recovered the original code with some light browser hacking. He said that the first one million Bitcoin were mined by the founder of Bitcoin over six months.
Bitcoin’s founder had mined the first 1M Bitcoin over six months.

Blasko’s post said that it would take Satoshi at least six months to mine a million bitcoin. Block 20,000 wouldn’t be reached until July 22, 2009, and miners were competing with each other so that it would be this time or soon after. Basic (CPU) mining would go on for another couple of years since the difficulty of the network was just one at the time.

According to Blasko’s article, the raw code and the data had been taken from the Sourceforge search engine in 2012, and they were thought to be lost forever. He goes on to say that he knew many users who had been searching for the original v0.1 code for quite some time, and Hal Finney was planning to email it to some people in 2012, but his poor health did not allow him to respond much online.

Blasko released the secret code published on August 30, 2009, by Martti Malmi, nicknamed SIRIUS. Although Blasko knows that there are previous versions of the Bitcoin 0.1 source on Github, he still considers it “the cleanest original version of Bitcoin.”