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France’s government outlines plans to raise retirement age

French government sketches strategies to increase the maturation age despite years of resistance

Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, is again proceeding with it. 

On Tuesday, a better scheme for a new pension was introduced, which incorporated the strategies for increasing the age of maturation in France, which is anticipated to encounter severe problems in the country. 

Macron is in the service of his presidency in France for the second time, but maintaining a pension structure is a well-established pledge that goes back to the time when he was elected first in 2017. 

In accordance with French law, the maturation age is 62 years at present, less than several advanced markets, which are full of Europe and the United States. In addition, the public sector also has “special regimes” or deals of particular sectors which permit employees to retire before reaching 62 years of age. 

The government of Macron, in late 2019, suggested a single, points-based system that makes an individual retire once they have earned a specific number of points. The aim was the conformity of the regulations across sectors. 

But the strategy met with failure. The employees in the public sector, especially the ones who lost a lot from the possible amelioration, protested for many days in a few of the most significant strikes in the country held in a period of ten years. In the middle of such strong resistance and the corona pandemic, Macron decided to keep the strategies on hold.