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One-Third of Bitcoin Retail Investors At Loss, BIS Survey Says

One-Third of Bitcoin Retail Investors At Loss, BIS Survey Says

The BIS (Bank of International Settlements), a Switzerland-based bank that belongs to 63 national central financial institutions, recently published a new Bitcoin-based survey. The BIS primarily offers various banking services to multiple national central banks. It creates a platform for policies on regulations and financial discussions.

Given the current situation of the crypto market, it is not surprising that a majority of investors are at a loss. And hence, the BIS decided to look into how crypto investors are doing amid the current situation of the crypto market.

The study, based on retail investors’ activities on different exchanges, revealed that nearly one-third of BTC retail investors are currently at a loss. The findings say that most exchange application downloads from 2015 to 2022 occurred when BTC was trading above $20K. The survey covers 95 nations.

According to the survey, retail investors bought $100 worth of BTC every month on average. The data says that about 81% of all retail investors are at a loss right now. This has raised concerns about entering the crypto market. While crypto investments are inherently risky, entering the market right now won’t do any good.

But all this has not deterred investors; they continue to show interest in Bitcoin regardless of the current scenario. The BIS also noted that digital currencies are quite volatile. So, if investors intend to venture into it, there is a high possibility of losses.