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Private Bank, LGT, to Offer Crypto

LGT Bank is a financial institution owned by the princely House of Liechtenstein and a part of the largest family-owned banking group globally. It will now offer cryptocurrency and brokerage services to private clients in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for now.
SEBA Bank, a swiss-regulated digital asset services provider, will offer the crypto services to LGT’s private banking and asset management group, holding over CHF 280 billion ($288 billion) in assets under management.

LGT will first offer investment services for bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) as a response to growing demand among its wealthy clientele. The bank is conducting talks regarding adding more coins, staking, and yield earning possibilities are also in the pipeline.
The institution is starting with their booking center in Liechtenstein for clients located in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which will expand further over the next couple of months.
SEBA Bank is active in Singapore as well, where LGT has a booking center and a considerable footprint. It acquired ABN AMRO Asia’s private banking operations in Asia and the Middle East in 2016.

LGT is also witnessing a demand from relationship managers to expand the services to Singapore and other locations since they have a representative office in the UAE in Dubai as well. So they want to bring all those locations into the fold as well.