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Stocks making biggest moves Midday Tesla, Nvidia, Lululemon and more

Stocks making biggest moves Midday: Tesla, Nvidia, Lululemon and more

Shares of Tesla have risen 5.93% after Elon Musk’s attorney asked court to get a trial over the company stock in Texas, citing local negativity. 

Advanced Micro Devices raised 5.13% because semiconductor stocks led on Monday.

Nvidia rose by 5.18%. Nvidia was chosen as the top pick in 2023 by Wells Fargo analysts.

Regeneron decreased 7.69% after the pharmaceutical company said that the sales were negatively impacted in the final quarter. 

Lululemon stocks fell 9.29% after changing its guidance to show that it expects lowered gross margins in the fourth quarter. 

Zillow shares rose 8% after Bank of America made the stock better to buy and said they rose 20% from Friday. 

Uber gained 3.79%. The company said raising inflation and car rates would boost uber.

Rising energy and natural gas prices increased shares of EQT corp by 3.9%, as well as marathon oil and Halliburton, which raised 1.6% and 0.6%, respectively. 

Monolithic power systems shares raised 4.36% amid the semiconductor rally. This falls after nVidia and advanced micro devices. 

Oracle raised 1.27%. 

Goldman Sachs gained 1.41%. The banking giant is removing 3200 employees or 6.5% of the people. 

Teladoc shares raised 4.13%.