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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, are on fire despite the volatility but before you dive in, understand how bitcoin trading works and how you can get started.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency without any central regulation that you can buy, sell and exchange directly. Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, created it to fulfill the need for an electronic payment system built on cryptographic proof instead of trust.All the Bitcoin transactions made so far exist on a public ledger accessible to everyone, making it hard to reverse a transaction or fake it. Bitcoins are true to their core and are not backed by any issuing institution, and there is nothing to guarantee their value except the proof in the system.Why pay for it? Because we have given it that value. Bitcoin’s value has risen dramatically since its inception in 2009. Since its supply is limited to 21 million coins, its price is expected to go up with time. And with institutional investors beginning to treat it as digital gold to hedge against inflation and market volatility.

How Bitcoin Trading Works?

Bitcoin is built on a blockchain, a distributed digital ledger. Blockchain is a linked body of data formed of blocks, units containing information about every transaction with date and time, total value, buyer and seller, and a unique identifying code for every transaction.Entries are secured in chronological order, forming a digital chain of blocks.

Once a block makes it to the blockchain, it becomes accessible to everyone, becoming a sort of public ledger of cryptocurrency transactions.Blockchain has no central authority to look over it; it is not controlled by any organization. No one owns the blockchain, but anyone with a link can contribute to it. With so many people updating it, your copy keeps updating.The idea that everyone can edit the blockchain does sound risky, but it is what makes Bitcoin secure and credible. To add a transaction block on the Bitcoin blockchain, it has to be verified by the majority of all Bitcoin holders, and the unique codes used to recognize the wallets of users and transactions must conform to the correct encryption pattern.

The codes are long, random numbers that are hard to produce fraudulently; the chances are next to zero of a fraudster guessing the key code to your Bitcoin wallet. The statistical randomness of blockchain verification needed for each transaction cuts the risk of anyone making fraudulent Bitcoin transactions.


How does Bitcoin Mining Work?

Bitcoin mining is adding new transactions to the blockchain through a process called proof of work. It uses computers to solve mathematical equations that verify transactions. And in a bid to solve the puzzles that verify transactions and support the overall system, Bitcoin rewards the miner with new Bitcoins, creating new coins in the process.

Initially, anyone could mine Bitcoin, but it is different now. The Bitcoin code is created to make solving its equations more challenging with time, requiring more computing resources. Bitcoin mining requires powerful computers and massive amounts of electricity. It also pays less now, making it hard to cover the rising computational and electrical costs. When the technology first came into being, you were rewarded a larger amount of Bitcoin every time you got a stamp. The number of transactions has increased now, reducing the amount you get paid. It is estimated that by 2140 all Bitcoins will have entered circulation, no new coins will be mined, and miners will then have to rely on transaction fees.

What is a bitcoin exchange?

A bitcoin exchange is where traders come together to buy and sell bitcoins with different fiat currencies or altcoins. The digital marketplace is basically an intermediary between buyers and sellers (“makers” and “takers”) of the cryptocurrency.Bitcoin’s currency ticker is BTC or XBT.

A bitcoin exchange acts like a brokerage where you can deposit money via bank transfer, wire, etc., for a fee. You will need to pay a fee for currency conversion if you want to trade between cryptocurrencies as you do for institutional banks while trading money from different countries.

It has an ordering system similar to that of existing brokerages– the taker places a limit order which is sold when a corresponding cryptocurrency is available from the maker.


How do Bitcoin Exchanges work?

Bitcoin exchange platforms match takers and makers. Traders can buy and sell bitcoin by putting a market order or a limit order like a traditional stock exchange. The trader authorizes the exchange to trade the coins for the best price in the online marketplace when a market order is selected. A limit order set allows the trader to direct the exchange to trade coins for a lesser price than the current ask or more than the current bid, based on whether they are buying or selling.

A user has to make an account with an exchange and pass through a series of verification processes to authenticate their identity and transact bitcoin on an exchange. Upon successful authentication, an account opens for the user, who then has to transfer funds into this account to buy coins.The payment methods offered depend on the exchange; it can be bank wires, credit or debit cards, bank drafts, direct bank transfers, money orders, or even gift cards. A trader can withdraw money depending on the options provided by the exchange.

Bitcoin Trading Vs. Investing

First, let’s understand how bitcoin trading works and how it is not similar to investing in Bitcoin. When talking of investing in Bitcoin, it is usually buying Bitcoin for the long term. Investors believe that the price will rise eventually, regardless of the fluctuations that it goes through to reach there. Investing is believing in the technology, ideology, or team of the currency. Bitcoin investors HODL (hold) the currency for the long term. On the other hand, bitcoin traders buy and sell Bitcoin in the short term for profits.

At times, they don’t even study the technology or the idea behind the asset they are trading. But that is not always the case; there are Bitcoin traders who care about it and some invest and trade at the same time.

The sudden rise in popularity of Bitcoin trading was driven by its extreme volatility. One can make a nice profit if you manage to correctly predict the market. And Bitcoin trading is open 24/7. While traditional markets like stocks and commodities have an opening and closing time, you can buy and sell Bitcoin whenever you wish to. Bitcoin’s seemingly unregulated landscape makes it easy to start trading without lengthy identity-verification processes.


A guide to cryptocurrency for beginners

Cryptocurrency is THE investment despite its volatility, and investors are after the profits it has to offer. Cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum drop for some time but bounce back higher, and many others are doing the same as well. Experienced traders know their way around crypto and if you want in too, read on.

But first, make sure your finances are in order– have an emergency fund in place, see if you have an attainable amount of debt and a diversified portfolio of investments. Your crypto can become a part of your portfolio, one that hopefully adds to your returns.

Here are five things to know before investing in cryptocurrencies

Know what you are getting into

Understand exactly what you are investing in. Read the prospectus and analyze the companies thoroughly since there are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, and all of them function differently. Understand the investment case for each trade.When it comes to cryptocurrencies, there’s no one to back it. Take bitcoin, for example; investors rely largely on someone paying more for it than they bought it for. Crypto assets mainly rely on the market becoming more optimistic and bullish for one to profit.Understand the potential upside and downside before you invest. If your financial investment has no asset or cash flow to back it, it could end up being worthless.

Let the past stay in the past

New investors usually look at the past and extrapolate that to the future. Bitcoin was once worth just pennies, but that is no longer the case. Now, look at the future. Will it continue to grow at this meteoric rate?Focus on what will drive future returns. As a trader buying an asset today, you need future gains.

Volatility is not for everyone

Cryptocurrencies are as volatile as any asset can possibly get. They can drop dramatically in seconds, and that too on just a rumor. It is great for sophisticated investors who can execute trades quickly or who have a robust grasp on the market’s fundamentals, the market trends, and where it could go.

Cryptocurrency is a minefield for beginners without the skills or the high-powered algorithms that direct these trades because of how bitcoin trading works. Volatility is not for everyone, and novice investors can easily get crushed by the volatility that is well adapted by high-powered Wall Street traders, each trying to outdo other deep-pocketed investors.

Volatility shakes out traders who get scared. On the other hand, some traders may go ahead and buy on the cheap. Basically, volatility helps sophisticated traders “buy low and sell high” while beginners “buy high and are forced to sell low.”

Manage Risk

If you are going short with any asset, and that too a volatile one, you will need to manage your risk. Understand how best to manage risk and build a process that helps you dodge losses. And that process varies for every individual.If you are a long-term investor, risk management will simply be not to sell, no matter the price. The long-term mentality helps the investor to stick with the investment.

On the other hand, risk management for a short-term trader might be setting strict rules on selling, for example, when an investment has dropped 10 percent. The trader then, by habit, follows the rule so that a smaller decline does not turn into a crushing loss.Beginners should set aside a certain amount of trading money when first starting off and use only a portion of it so if they incur a loss while trading, they will still have that reserved money to trade with later.Although it can take a toll on your emotional health, it is crucial that you manage risk. While selling a losing post is hard, it helps you avoid bigger losses later.

Invest what you can afford to lose

Lately, it is crucial not to put money that you need into volatile assets. If you are not okay with losing all of it, do not put it into risky assets such as cryptocurrency or other market-based assets like stocks or ETFs either.If you need the money for a down payment for a house or any such important future expense, keep the money that you will need in the coming years in safe accounts so you can access it whenever you wish to.

If you need guaranteed returns, pay off your debts. This way, you will earn or save the interest rate you are paying on the debt. There’s no volatility there. Do not ignore the security of any exchange or broker you are using. You might be the legal owner of the assets, but they still have to be secured; they need to have tight security. If the cryptocurrency is not secured properly, some traders invest in a crypto wallet to hold their coins offline, so they are out of reach of hackers or others.


How does leveraged bitcoin trading work?

When buying bitcoin on an exchange, the price of bitcoin is usually quoted in US dollars. Meaning you are selling USD to buy bitcoin. If bitcoin rises, you can sell for a profit since bitcoin will now be worth more USD than when you bought it. If bitcoin plummets and you sell, you would incur a loss.When talking of CMC Markets, you trade bitcoin through a spread bet or CFD account. This allows speculating bitcoin price movements without owning the actual cryptocurrency. You are not taking ownership of bitcoin; you are opening a position that will increase or decrease in value depending on bitcoin’s price movement against the dollar.

Learn how to trade bitcoin and gain a comprehensive perspective of bitcoin trading strategy. Spread betting and CFDs are leveraged products; you only need to deposit a percentage of a trade’s full value to open a position. With these products, you do not have to tie up all your capital by buying bitcoin outright. Instead, you can use an initial deposit to get exposure to larger amounts. While leveraged trading magnifies your returns, your losses magnify as well since they are based on the full value of the position.

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The crypto market is usually open for trades 24 hours a day and seven days a week since it has centralized governance of the market. Cryptocurrency transactions are carried out directly between individuals on cryptocurrency exchanges globally. However, there are downtimes when the market is adjusting to infrastructural updates or ‘forks.’

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