Investment management

Investment management

The experts at BlockChain Tradein have been designing, managing, and delivering custom-made portfolios for wealthy individuals and families.

Our facultative wealth managers offer fixed and assured returns, multiple assets to invest, globally focused equity while guided by the investment strategists.

All the strategies provided to you are tailored according to your needs and can be customized according to your investment objectives.

Our complete research, oversight, and due diligence will offer the core of every investment within your portfolio. It includes fixed returns, equity top tire, and unconventional strategies from our wealth managers, which stood upon different grounds.

Our wealth managers use a resourceful wealth framework as a core. Thus we diversify your fundamental portfolio based on long-term planning we generate for you using our peculiar methodology.

We use the fundamental portfolio to complement the core portfolio and take the enhanced risk for assured returns, mostly pin short – or long-term opportunities.

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