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Cardano Vasil Upgrade Completed Successfully

The Cardano Vasil upgrade finished as the Cardano team triggered all three “critical mass indications” required for the upgrade. In addition, the update brought about a number of enhancements and will improve the scalability of Cardano, as expected. The first update has been finished, and the date for the next is set to be 27th September.

The Vasil hard fork will enhance numerous facets of the Cardano network’s blockchain. Cardano developer Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) claimed that the blockchain’s user experience would improve and the development time reduced with Vasil-enabled apps. It will cut down transaction costs and improve the network’s capacity to handle a huge number of users.

Furthermore, Vasil’s hard fork also aims to strengthen connections and the overall network. The Alonzo hard fork of Cardano brought about the much-anticipated addition of smart contract functionalities. The first hard fork went live on 12th September 2021. Vasil introduced several new features, some of which are more advanced CIP methods, UTXO (unspent transaction output) support, and Hydra integration. Vasil proposes CIPs intending to expand the capabilities of the Plutus smart contract language while maintaining its ease of use.

Vasil was named after the late member of the Cardano community Vasil St. Dabov. The upgrade brings in various network capabilities; it will also improve its throughput, efficiency, and block delay speeds. One such example is diffusion pipelining. Consequently, block propagation times improve, ultimately resulting in more data being sent per second. In the meantime, Cardano’s native smart contract language is also improving.