Cryptocurrency Trading for beginners

Cryptocurrency Trading for beginners

The trading industry is currently thriving with cryptocurrency. It’s growing and spreading at a breakneck speed. Cryptocurrency has found its way to the mainstream. It is regarded as a fantastic investment opportunity. Although the decentralized component is enticing, it cannot be accomplished flawlessly in a week. Hence, the need to learn how to trade crypto. But before diving in, know everything that you should with this guide on cryptocurrency trading for beginners.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency with no central authority to regulate it. Who owns what is recorded on computerized databases secured by strong cryptography with the use of blockchain technology. Essentially cryptocurrency trading is buying and selling digital currency and speculating on the values through a CFD account.

While some stores have started accepting cryptocurrencies for day-to-day items, it is largely traded as digital assets to profit from investment returns. Traders make profits from buying and selling on cryptocurrency exchanges. The prices are quite volatile, increasing the chances of losing as well. People have also lost huge amounts of money when crypto dropped.

Is Investing and Trading Different?

Yes, trading is gaining profit within a certain period of time while investing is holding the assets for the long term. Investment requires you to look for long-term trends and ignore the short-term fluctuations in the market.

The goal when it comes to crypto investment is to get more coins since, after a few years, the invested value of your asset will rise in proportional to the coin price. Meanwhile, trading chases in on short-term fluctuations, it becomes important here to understand the daily market while trading. Understand the market trends and short-term price trends to make bucks in this industry. Buy low and sell high. When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, you have to drop coins often to gain maximum profit.

The crypto market is a large market with many different trading systems. As a result, it would be ideal to comprehend the trading market from your perspective. Crypto exchanges, cryptocurrencies, and trading platforms should all be included in your investigation. It’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of investing in such a diverse market. You can start trading after you’re satisfied with the information you’ve gathered.

Types of Trading Strategies

The active trading strategies that are commonly implemented are based on short-term market trends and gaining profit from the market’s volatility. An active trading strategy is expected to change with the long-term strategies where investors buy and hold the assets. Understand the various strategies through this beginners’ guide to crypto trading before dabbling with the capital.


Scalping is the shortest-term trading strategy that ensures instant profits. The strategy involves people holding coins for a few minutes or seconds. The gain is comparatively low than other trading strategies. The aim here is to gain small profits which are accumulated throughout the day. One can get maximum profit by executing the trade when the market is super busy and profit from the small price movements.

Day Trading

Here, you hold the assets for a day. Also known as “intraday trading,” here traders enter and exit the position on the same day. You need to consider basic technical analysis with technical indicators helping you determine current market conditions and trends. Day trading also offers small profits, all the while keeping you away from overnight market volatility.

Swing Trading

Swing trading involves holding the position for several days or weeks and follows the short to intermediate-term trends ranging from 1 to 30 days. If you are not active daily and have a job to focus on, this trading strategy is for you. You do not need to worry about daily ups and downs since you are not holding the crypto for just a day here. But, you should, however, keep up with the trends and check the daily analysis to gain optimum profits.

Position Trading

Here, you focus on the long-term price shifts, and to gain maximum profit you consider the major price shifts. Also known as “trend trading,” position trading involves holding the position for extended periods. You can analyze weekly and monthly price charts to benefit in evaluating the market trends. You do not have to worry about minor fluctuations in the price here, rather you should focus on major market trends.

The cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable, and it fluctuates daily. As a result, there is no better method to learn about the market than trading the same assets. Fake accounts help practice how the real market works. There are numerous counterfeit accounts for various coins available on the internet. Choose which suits your needs and begin demo trading.

Cryptocurrency Trading Steps

Cryptocurrency trading for beginners can be tricky, you can follow a certain guide and tips to begin trading.

1. Choose your cryptocurrency exchange

First thing you will need is a crypto brokerage account, it is similar to opening a stock brokerage account. Choose the one that caters to your needs from the best crypto trading platform for beginners.

To begin with, understand that exchanges are advantageous since they allow you to trade in and out of other currencies quickly. However, before buying any cryptocurrency, it’s vital to do your homework on the market’s most reputable exchanges. The platform you choose will impact where you buy cryptocurrencies and how you trade.

Go for a reputed exchange rather than “with the best deals” as a newbie. If you go with the latter, you’ll need to hunt for companies that offer crypto scam recovery because you’ll undoubtedly be conned.

You’ll have to open an account with a crypto brokerage unless you already own cryptocurrency. To open an account with a crypto brokerage, you’ll need to supply personal info, just like you would with a stock brokerage. You’ll need to provide your SSN, address, date of birth, and email address when creating an account.

2. Fund your account

After opening a cryptocurrency account on an exchange, you will have to fund your account using debit cards and wire transfers. Wire transfers are one of the cheapest options when it comes to funding your account.

3. Choose your cryptocurrency

Once you have researched the best place to buy crypto for beginners and created an account on the forum, your next step is picking up a cryptocurrency. Over 7,000 cryptocurrencies are currently present in the crypto market. While most traders opt for bitcoin and ethereum since they are more predictable, altcoins have also gained momentum with a 1000% rise in a month. Apart from the cryptocurrency you are buying you also need to choose the best place to buy crypto for beginners to make your trading journey easier.

Choose a crypto coin depending on its efficiency and market longevity parameters. You want to trade a currency that will provide you with respectable long-term returns. Avoid dealing with initial coin offerings (ICOs) as a newbie because you don’t know their success rate or legitimacy.

4. Choose Your Strategy

This is a critical step, you can achieve high profits in cryptocurrency trading by utilizing trading indicators with the correct fundamental and technical analysis. Take a cryptocurrency trading course before setting on a strategy and actually trading.

There are many trading indicators to select from when buying and selling cryptocurrencies, and most traders evaluate multiple criteria. If you’re new to investing, buying a cryptocurrency trading course for beginners can be an excellent place to start. You may already have a crypto trading plan if you’re an experienced trader. The strategies used in cryptocurrency trading are similar to those used in stock trading. For example, the Elliot Wave Theory is a popular trading approach that practically every trader use. It focuses on market behavior, which makes it appropriate for speculative assets like cryptocurrency.

5. Store your cryptocurrency securely

It is critical that you store your crypto in a safe place. You can choose a digital wallet, software, or hardware. You can store your digital assets in a cryptocurrency wallet as well. The most crucial thing after making your purchases is to keep them safe. Standard insurance policies do not cover bitcoin exchanges because no formal organization backs bitcoin exchanges. You must be worried about getting hacked as well. As a result, you must keep your account and payment codes in a secure location. Keeping your newly obtained cryptocurrencies in a crypto wallet is typically a good idea.

Which crypto is for me?

Cryptocurrency trading for beginners can end up meaning only bitcoin and ETH, since they are famous but cryptocurrency is not limited to them, there are a thousand others you can choose from.

Consider fundamental analysis and also the risk management factor when it comes to choosing the right cryptocurrency for you. Fundamental analysis deciphers the intrinsic value of an asset and risk management involves considering the factors that could pose a threat to your investment and mitigating the risk or understanding the potential loss.

Consider the environmental factors of the currencies since they also require a lot of computing power. You can also look for a specific coin exchange or broker that deals with a limited number of currencies, avoiding the confusion that follows with overwhelming choices.

The crypto market is open 24/7. There are no established hours of operation or holidays. The constant demand to be online is driving people mad. It’s stressful to keep a constant eye on the market. Hence, consider automated crypto trading. The trading bots implement a strategy designed to provide you with the most significant returns possible based on your investment objectives. You can make money rapidly, keep your coins, or diversify your portfolio with automated trading that provides you with a conservative, moderate, or aggressive manner.

What are the risks of cryptocurrency?

You should beware of the risks involved in cryptocurrency trading before you start doing it. Cryptocurrency is volatile and the price often falls fast. The industry is also prone to scams. Losing the password to your digital wallet or where your hold your cryptocurrency is also one of the risks.

Remember that you should only participate in things that you can afford. Yes, you may grow engaged in trading and want to keep up with it. Nonetheless, being aware of the dangers and volatility is crucial. You are the only one who will lose money in both trading and financial matters if you put in more money and receive nothing in return.

In recent years, cryptocurrency trading has become a worldwide phenomenon. Almost everyone trades, and it’s human nature to want to follow in the footsteps of others. Practices such as FOMO (fear of missing out) is the quickest way to lose money.

Cryptocurrency trading for beginners requires keeping an eye out for such practices. Also, resist trading when you’re under duress.

However, if you choose to invest in cryptocurrency, do your homework first to minimize the mistakes and enhance your profits. You can also take up a cryptocurrency course for beginners to understand it better.

Which is better, fundamental or technical analysis?

There is not a simple answer to it. The defendants of each of the analyses manage to write the other off without considering that they can coexist. Fundamental analysis is for when you are in it for the long term, while technical analysis is for short-term trading and market timing. Both forms of analysis can be combined to plan and execute investments over the medium and long term.

Supply and demand impact short-term price movements and are affected by a multitude of factors that fundamental analysis fails to cover. Market sentiment can be analyzed with price and volume data only. Consequently, charts cannot be used to determine whether a stock is undervalued or overvalued and its value in the future. Charts reflect the past and the value diminishes the longer the time horizon.

The cryptocurrency market is highly unpredictable, and it fluctuates daily. As a result, there is no better method to learn about the market than trading the same assets. Fake accounts help practice how the real market works. There are numerous counterfeit accounts for various coins available on the internet. Choose which suits your needs and begin demo trading.

What drives the financial markets?

The price of an asset depends on supply and demand. The buyers and sellers decide the value of the asset. A market is a place where supply meets demand. But it is not just limited to the supply and demand, there are other drivers of a financial asset.

The factors can be fundamental or technical and it can also be market sentiment or news. Although these factors may have an influence, the base determiners are supply and demand and their balance at any given moment.

The cryptocurrency market is constantly changing, bringing new facets to the industry. Keeping up with what’s going on in the investment world will benefit you in many ways. Television news and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram are beautiful sources of credible news. Make adjustments to your investments as the market shifts to guarantee earnings.

What is the derivatives market?

Derivatives are financial assets that base their value on something else like an underlying asset or basket of assets. The common types of derivatives are stocks, bonds, commodities, market indexes, or cryptocurrencies.

The derivative product is a contract between multiple parties regarding prices on the underlying asset that is used as the benchmark. The asset used as the reference point of the derivative product derives value from it. Futures contracts, options contracts, and swaps are some of the derivatives products.

The derivatives can exist for any financial product and even derivatives themselves. Derivatives can be created from derivatives, and derivatives can also be created from these derivatives. Derivatives markets are one of the largest markets and played a significant role in the 2008 Financial Crisis.

What are forward and futures contracts?

A futures contract is a derivatives product that enables traders to speculate on the future price of an asset. The parties agree to settle the transaction at a later date called the expiry date. The underlying asset for a contract can be an asset; cryptocurrency, commodities, stocks, and bonds.

The expiration date of a futures contract is when the trading activity ends for the specific contract, the contract expires at the last traded price at the end of the day. The contract settlement is predetermined and can be cash-settled or delivered physically.

Physically delivering it means directly exchanging the underlying asset of the contract. Settling in cash means exchanging the value the asset represents in the form of cash or cryptocurrency.

What is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management is the creation and managing of a collection of investments. A portfolio is a group of assets, the assets can be anything from cryptocurrency to real estate. Exclusively trading cryptocurrencies will mean you have a combination of different digital coins and tokens.

There is a saying not to put all your eggs in one basket, which means to not risk all your investments in the success of one venture or one project. The same goes for stocks and digital assets. Investments in digital properties have the ability to be lucrative, but they may also be dangerous. If the price of one cryptocurrency falls, diversifying your holdings across many altcoins enables you to minimize your losses.

Take into account your expectations for the portfolio. Also, consider if you want to play safe and go for investments that steer clear of volatility or dabble with something riskier that brings higher returns in the short term.

A beginner’s guide to crypto trading helps you decide how you want to manage your portfolio in a way that benefits you the most. You can take the passive approach by leaving your investments alone after setting them up or an active approach by continuously buying and selling the assets to make profits.

Long-term Vs Short-term Cryptocurrency Trading

This is also one of the important considerations you have to take into account, whether to go long or short. Long-term crypto investment involves expecting the price to increase over time based on the forecast. These investments are often held for 6 months to 1 year and at times several years.

Short-term crypto investment is holding the asset for short periods; hours, days, or weeks. Take day trading, for example, it aims to buy and sell cryptocurrency before the day ends to make profits. You can also adjust your day trading hours to match your schedule.

Long-term cryptocurrency trading is considered to be profitable and simple, but understanding the market is critical here. With the plethora of trends in assets on the market and the fast-expanding crypto market, asset appreciation brings incredible returns.

Invest in cryptocurrency in different ways

Directly investing in cryptocurrency is the most popular and conventional way of doing it, one can also get in through different ways, direct and indirect.

Crypto Futures:

You can wager on price swings in Bitcoin through futures, you can also power on leverage and gain massive returns through it. Futures are fast-moving and aggravate the already volatile cryptoverse.

Crypto Funds:

Crypto funds allow you to wager on the price swings in any crypto asset. There are funds for Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as some altcoins. It is an easy way to buy crypto via a fund-like product.

Crypto exchange or broker stocks:

You can also buy stock in a company that is positioned to profit from the rise of cryptocurrency no matter the winner.

Blockchain ETFs:

Investing in a blockchain ETF allows you to invest in the companies that profit from the emergence of blockchain technology. With the top blockchain ETFs, you get exposure to the publicly traded companies in the arena. These companies are not only limited to crypto, diluting your exposure to cryptocurrency and hence, reducing your potential upside and downside.

All these methods possess their own set of risks and exposure to cryptocurrency, you will want to understand what you are buying and if it fits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency may be a decent investment if you’re willing to recognize that it’s a high-risk gamble with a chance of paying off – but also know that you could lose all of your money.
When it comes to investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, caution is required.

Even though crypto is a very established market, some people are either disinterested in trading or unwilling to take the risk of entering the industry with only a basic grasp. Furthermore, some people lack the necessary instruction. Inadequate or no education can lead to a cryptocurrency scam for a newbie.
Here is a quick crypto trading for beginners guide for those interested

  • Research
  • Experiment with various trading techniques
  • Choose an exchange platform
  • Create an account with a cryptocurrency brokerage
  • Pick the right cryptocurrency
  • Strategize
  • Consider automated crypto trading when deciding on a plan
  • Diversify
  • Do not invest in fear of missing out
  • Store your crypto in the right place
  • Stay up-to-date
  • By investing, don’t take on more risk than you can bear
The best cryptocurrency exchanges make buying and selling the currencies you want simple, with low fees and strong security measures. You should be cautious when choosing a digital currency and select the one with high security and only after thorough research should you invest in it. Beware of the fees and pairs.
Here are three cryptocurrency trading strategies that are widely used,

1.Dollar-cost averaging is a tried-and-true trading method that works best when applied over a longer period of time. It is a straightforward notion. Rather than investing all of your money in one cryptocurrency at once, divide it into little sums and buy just at certain periods of the week.

2.The “golden cross/death cross” crypto trading strategy employs two moving averages (MAs), which are lines on a chart that depict the mean average price of an asset over a specified time period. This is another long-term trading method that works best over 18 months and beyond because it deals with analyzing market action over large time periods.

3. The RSI divergence approach is more technical, but it can be very effective in anticipating trend reversals. When the price begins to move in the other direction, from a downtrend to an uptrend or vice versa, this is called reversal.
The “Relative Strength Index,” or RSI, is a chart indicator that calculates the average number of gains and losses over a 14-day period in order to determine momentum.

Real estate is touted to be one of the best long-term investments and for good reason. Holding the investment for five to seven years will give you amazing returns. It can be plots, commercial land, housing property, hotels, factories, etc. If you intend to dilute your investment in real estate in a couple of years, the capital appreciation is limited or you will have to exit as par.
You will need a heavy initial investment amount and pay the high taxes and commissions when you buy as well as when you exit. But, the silver lining is that here you have a chance for considerable capital appreciation and profits. It is also possible to cover a considerable amount of the purchase price with a loan from a bank at low-interest rates, making real asset investments quite lucrative.

Cryptocurrency’s rising popularity has led to its adoption across many businesses and sectors. For instance, many sites are paying its users in cryptocurrencies for taking surveys or turning in their other services. Many crypto investors obtain free digital coins through giveaways. Acclaimed trading platforms like Blockchain Tradein also offer interest bearing accounts with 3% monthly compound interest.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency trading, we’ll guide your every step towards success. Start by opening your BTI account.

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