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Ethereum breaks the $4000 barrier and is going to soar to $5000 “The London Upgrade

Ethereum just got its “London upgrade,” or formally known as “EIP 1559”. This upgrade has positively affected the price of Ethereum in the crypto market. The entire crypto industry was pleased with this update about the latest Ethereum network upgrade. Furthermore, this update has given a lot of transparency to the transaction fees on the network. As a result, on September 3, 2021, Ethereum broke the shackles of $3,500 and flew up to $3,800 in the afternoon.

What is the Ethereum upgrade?

The Ethereum London Hard Fork upgrade consisted of a set of five main proposals.

The major upgrade in this is called EIP – 1559. The main aim of this upgrade is to speed up ether mining and also to boost incentivizing. Ether coins don’t have a limit, unlike Bitcoin. This aspect of Ether makes it an inflationary cryptocurrency. Miners are always paid new coins for validating each block of information. These payments are rewarded utilizing transaction fees, and the users pay transaction fees.

The second significant benefit of the London upgrade is it will help by empowering the Ethereum network to handle the transaction on a larger scale per second. Thus, this upgrade will help to scale and counter the high transaction fees. The high transaction fees are a recurring complaint from small-scale investors and traders or business people who frequently pay via Ethereum.

It was its most outstanding value since the last on May 16, 2021. Ethereum has seen more than 100% growth after its prices fell to $1700 at the end of June 2021. Many analysts are busy studying ethers recent strengths and elevation and have recorded many factors that will drive it higher. Many experts say it has risen to such heights for many reasons, and it has made a phenomenon of appreciation for its price.

Burning of the Ether coins in circulation

Another prominent feature introduced in EIP – 1559 upgrade is that it could reduce the number of Ether Coins in circulation at any given point in time. Therefore, it will result in higher prices of Ether, but given the circumstances, the demand remains constant. The update will make Ether a deflationary cryptocurrency just like its competitor Bitcoin, and there is only 21 million Bitcoin in the world. Therefore, they will drastically increase the purchasing power of the people.

The London Hard Fork update or EIP – 1559 created a supply-side shock, and it has burnt ETH worth 500 million dollars in just the first week of its update. It influenced the prices of ETH to rise, but the inflation wasn’t able to overtake that of the BTC, and at the moment, BTC stands higher than ETH.

The fact that a lot of ETH is being locked in DeFi and used in trading for Non-Fudgeable Tokens (NFTs), these NFTs are in a massive bloom right now are being sold at a high price. In addition, many experts say that the increase in DeFi usage and the growing interest of the new generation of traders is also fueling the market.

What is the meaning of “Hard fork” in the London Hard fork upgrade?

When most of the cryptocurrency community comprising developers, investors, and miners decide to change the essential rules maintaining the fundamental technology is called a hard fork.

What does the Ethereum upgrade bring for investors in the future?

The world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency, Ether, is trailing behind Bitcoin. The gap between these two crypto’s is in thousands of dollars. If Ether is at $4,000, Bitcoin is at $50,000. This update has created more transparency. It is directly proportional to the trust in the coin. It means many investors put trust into the currency as a store value, and it, in turn, invests more investors.

The one truth of the market is that “As the demand rises, the price will soar.” Expert says that the latest upgrade has given Ethereum the power to challenge Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been very much volatile for the past few years.