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Best Ethereum Trading Signals for Beginners

It takes time and a strong will to master technical analysis. It can even take years to learn to draw your own charts and customize trading signals according to you.

Seasoned Ethereum traders largely use the following trading indicators:

  • Bollinger Bands
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index)
  • MA (Moving Averages)
  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence)
  • MYC Trading indicator
  • Stochastic Oscillator

The trading tools mentioned above allow you to enter the market based on historical data, facts, and figures instead of following the herd or taking chances.

What are Ethereum Trading signals?

Ethereum signals are trading suggestions our in-house analysts will send you when they notice a profitable opportunity. Our team will utilize the technical analysis acquired over the years to ensure you have all the important information needed for a successful trade.

At Blockchain Tradein, we provide you with five key data points with a required take profit order price, limit price, and a stop-loss order price.

Here is what our trading signals will look like when you sign up with us:

  • Ethereum Pair: ETH/USD
  • Long or Short Order: Long
  • Limit Price: $1200
  • Stop-Loss: $1000
  • Take-Profit: $1500

According to this example, our analysts believe that the Ethereum pair ETH/USD will rise in the near future. And hence, you should place a buy order with your broker.

The signals also show the recommended limit, stop-loss, and take-profit order price. Once you have received your signals, you will have to head to your broker to place an order with all the figures and data given by our experts.

What are the best ethereum trading signals?

Ethereum pairs

Every ethereum signal includes what pair you should trade to potentially make profits. You can trade Ethereum against digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, and EOS. There are numerous other crypto-cross pairs with ETH.

If the trading signal asks you to go short on ETH/XRP, this means the research suggests that the pair is expecting a drop in price.

However, Ethereum is largely traded against fiat currencies since it is simpler to identify the gains and losses and predict market sentiment with legal tenders like the US dollar, British pound, and euro. This is denoted as ETH/USD, ETH/GBP, and ETH/EUR, respectively.

Short or Long

Every Ethereum trading signal suggests going short or long on the pair in question. If the ETH/CNH pair is expected to rise in price, the trading signal will suggest you go long. On the contrary, if the pair is expected to drop in price, the signal will suggest you go short.

So, if the signal has asked you to go long on Ethereum against the Chinese yuan, you will have to place a buy order with the crypto broker you chose. On the other hand, if the signal states you go short on the pair, you will put a sell order with the broker.

Our objective is that everyone in our trading community should benefit from every money-making opportunity possible. And hence, we share our findings with our members.

Limit order value

You can enter a cryptocurrency trade with a ‘market’ order or a ‘limit’ order. A limit order allows you to enter your position at a certain price and hence is largely chosen to enter the market on most Ethereum trading signals.

Our trading signals include a limit value by default, given the order does not need to be actioned immediately at the current price.

Here’s how you can utilize limit orders,

Suppose you are trading ETH/CNH at ¥11,820, and analysis suggests that if the pair exceeds ¥13,500, going long will be worth it. So, we will set the limit order suggestion to ¥13,500. This means you will not enter the market until ETH/CNH reaches ¥13,500, that is, if you do not cancel your order.

Trading signals cut down the amount of time you would spend researching. And you are able to place your order with set parameters. The broker executes your orders based on your instructions.

Stop-loss value

The best trading signals include a ‘stop-loss’ price. This stops your losses from spiraling by instructing the platform to close your trade at a certain point. This is a risk-management strategy used by most sensible traders.

Suppose the ethereum trading signal is for ETH/CNH, and the suggested limit order is ¥13,500. Now, the stop loss value is ¥13,365, 1% below the limit price.

This will prevent you from losing more than 1% from the trade. The position will be closed automatically should the pair drop to ¥13,365.

Also, know that if the trading signal indicates that you go short on the same position, your stop-loss price would be 1% above the entry price.

Take-profit value

Your trading signal should also include a take-profit value along with a stop-loss since it is a great way to lock in gains before you miss the window. This is typically based on a risk/reward of 1:3.

So, while a stop-loss order set above or below your entry price makes sure your position is closed before you incur any further losses, a take-profit order does the opposite.

If you are going long, you will enter a stop-loss 1% below the limit order price and take profit at 3% above. If you are going short, the stop-loss will be 1% above the entry price, while the take profit will be 3% below, and so on.

How to trade Ethereum signals? Risk and reward:

The best trading signals consider risk vs. reward when sending out signals. Typically it should be 1:3, so for every $1 risked, the aim is to get $3 in return.

Other common risk and reward ratios are 1:1.5 and 1:4. The latter means that you need one successful trade from every 4 to make gains. This strategy is hence highly compatible with stop-loss and take-profit orders.

Best Ethereum Trading Signals

Enter the crypto trading market by thoroughly understanding technical analysis and everything under it. Then, consider using our trading signals through a regulated broker with low spreads and commission fees if you do not have the time or patience to go through technical analysis.

Another thing of importance is that you can access a variety of crypto pairs so you can act on the signals you receive. Blockchain Tradein is regulated and offers access to dozens of ETH pairs you can trade.

How to choose a crypto broker for the best ethereum trading signals?

If you wish to take full advantage of our trading signals, you need the correct crypto broker. Your broker is the one who will place and execute all your orders for you and give you in-depth knowledge and access to the Ethereum trading universe.


Fees and commissions

Cryptocurrency trading comes with a variety of fees and commissions, and crypto brokers make money by charging any of these fees and commissions. With Blockchain Tradein, you receive the trading signals and place the positions in the same place. Our online brokerage platform and our trading signals are in tandem to make your trading journey fruitful.

Another detail you need to consider is ‘spread,’ which is the difference between the buy and sell prices of the crypto pair in question. The spread can be different depending on the asset, product, or service but is found on most brokerage sites.


Deposits, withdrawals, and payments

Finally, look at how you can deposit, withdraw, and make payments. Most of the unregulated exchanges accept cryptocurrency payments only, and hence you need to make sure to engage with regulated and established brokers only.

With Blockchain Tradein, you can deposit funds with a debit or credit card, or you can also use your online e-wallet. You might also be able to benefit from instant bank transfers depending on where you are located.


Security and transparency

When looking for brokers, one critical thing to consider is if it is regulated and under which body. Many cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated, meaning anyone can open an account and trade actively without registering their personal data. You should refrain from engaging with such firms since your money’s safety should top the priority list. And hence, we encourage you to research regulations before making a deposit.


Crypto markets

Our trading signals may target various markets. For example, one signal may state a crypto-to-fiat pair, like ETH/USD. The next signal might include a crypto-cross pair, say ETH/BTC.

Ensure that your online crypto broker covers all kinds of cryptocurrency markets. Choose a reliable crypto broker to trade confidently and effortlessly with one site.


Deposits, withdrawals, and payments

Finally, look at how you can deposit, withdraw, and make payments. Most of the unregulated exchanges accept cryptocurrency payments only, and hence you need to make sure to engage with regulated and established brokers only.

With Blockchain Tradein, you can deposit funds with a debit or credit card, or you can also use your online e-wallet. You might also be able to benefit from instant bank transfers depending on where you are located.

How to get started with Ethereum Trading Signals?

If you are considering trading signals and want to get started with Ethereum trading signals, follow the below step-by-step guide on how you can sign up with us.

Join Blockchain Tradein

The first thing you need to do is open an account with us. The process is fairly easy and takes only a few minutes to get done with.

Place Trading Signals

Once you get an Ethereum trading signal, you then have to take our suggestions to the broker (us again) and place your order.

Remember, the order will state the crypto pair, the order- going long or short, the limit, take-profit, and stop loss prices.

A final word

To sum it up, our trading signals bestow you with the power to access and learn the ways of the cryptocurrency markets, and that too from your own devices. To add to that, seasoned traders do all the research and technical analysis for you. So, all you have to do is act on the trading signals to make profits on our platform.

Over the years, our in-house team of expert analysts has created consistent gains, but it goes without saying that losses are still possible when it comes to cryptocurrency trading or any other investing sector for that matter. And hence, we aim to send out a well-researched and practical stop-loss price, always.

About us

  • Our renowned wealth management across the world speaks for itself. With over 112 million customers, 90 million actively managed accounts, 80 million invested accounts, and nearly 15 million monthly withdrawals; Blockchain Tradein has created quite the positive stir over the years. The platform has been featured on several leading financial websites and publications globally. Moreover, our 24-hour support crew aims to make your trading seamless.
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By choosing Blockchhain Tradein for your trading signals and trading, you are choosing,

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  • Trading assistance to make trading seamless with a one-call-away support crew.
  • The option to choose from a plethora of financial instruments to help you increase your investment returns based on your preferences.
  • A simple, reliable, fast trading platform with real-time data to make your trading as pleasant as possible.
  • Thorough research and practical trading tools to manage your portfolio and earnings as effectively as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best quality Ethereum trading signals have stop-loss and take-profit prices; through this, you can manage your risk/reward on any trade.

Generally, you get three free signals per week, and a premium service gives you 3-5 signals per day starts at £35 per month.

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