We are committed to create a safe and reliable trading environment for all our clients.


Large Range Of Assets

BTI opens the door to a myriad of assets you can leverage to trade better. You get to choose from 5 asset classes and access to more than 500 trading instruments.


Low Commissions & Low Spreads

BTI unlocks trading benefits for you with costs that go easy on your funds. We are here with a cost-efficient way to get you impressive returns on your investments.


Dedicated Account Manager

BTI gives you a dedicated account manager that is passionate, relentless, and stoked. We aspire to ship products that empower you and drive your business.


Free one on one session

Wondering where to start? BTI is here to make trading simple. Register and get a free session with our experts to kickstart your trading escapade.


Why trade with BTI ?

We are committed to create a safe and reliable trading environment for all our clients.

  • DMA: Direct Market Access
  • Purchasing power up to 1:500
  • Pay interest in cash
  • T+0 settlement
  • No Stamp Duty for UK
  • Allowing Short selling
  • 0.08% from Commissions
  • 1500 worldwide shares assessable

Your Funds Are Safe With Us

Blockchain Tradein provides its services to many clients around the globe. We live by the code and conduct, giving our clients the best maintenance, the safety and security of their funds, and client protection. To grow your investment is our primary motive. Therefore, we have a solid financial condition, and we keep our information transparent.

Our Trading Products

Choose from 5 different asset groups and diversify your investment with 500+ trading instruments, all from a single account.



Blockchain Tradein has in store mega virtual coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, and many more.

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Invest in a bunch of widely recognized firms and stay acquainted with economic updates by opting indices.

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Insert money in commodity-backed investments of your choice and enjoy returns with its favorable pricing.

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Own stake in firms where your interests lie and exercise your rewarding rights as a stock trader through our platform.

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Go global and accomplish new goals by engaging in currency trading with Blockchain Tradein’s specialized guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain Tradein makes trading fun and straightforward. Our job is to make sure everyone ends up being a great trader. That is the very reason we always have a team that always guides you and supports you at all levels of the trading game.

We provide the best services. For Example, Direct Market Access (DMA), Leverage up to 1:500, T+0 settlement, Dividends paid in cash, Free from UK Stamp Duty, Short selling available, Commissions from 0.08%, Access to 1500 global shares.

If you want the best forex trading experience, Blockchain Tradein is a one-stop solution for you and your team. With the best account management practices, customized spreads on our Blockchain Tradein exclusive account, and a high level of encryption, we provide the best solution when it comes to your forex trading goal.

Getting the right platform for you is very important. However, there are differences across competing exchanges, and as such, it is helpful to do some research to determine which is best for your preferences.



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