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Why BTI is trusted?

We are committed to create a safe and reliable trading environment for all our clients.


Large Range Of Assets

BTI opens the door to a myriad of assets you can leverage to trade better. You get to choose from 5 asset classes and access to more than 500 trading instruments.

Low Commissions & Low Spreads

BTI unlocks trading benefits for you with costs that go easy on your funds. We are here with a cost-efficient way to get you impressive returns on your investments.

Dedicated Account Manager

BTI gives you a dedicated account manager that is passionate, relentless, and stoked. We aspire to ship products that empower you and drive your business.

Free one on one session

Wondering where to start? BTI is here to make trading simple. Register and get a free session with our experts to kickstart your trading escapade.

Why trade with BTI?

We are committed to create a safe and reliable trading environment for all our clients.

  • DMA: Direct Market Access
  • Purchasing power up to 1:500
  • Pay interest in cash
  • T+0 settlement
  • No Stamp Duty for UK
  • Allowing Short selling
  • 0.08% from Commissions
  • 1500 worldwide shares assessable
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Learn & Compare Bitcoin To Currency Rates With Our Calculator!

Our tool gives you an opportunity to explore the world’s best cryptocurrency- Bitcoin. With our proficiency in the field, you can depend on us to convert and deliver accurate real-time rates in USD. We’ve got everything at your fingertips!

Innumerable Resources

We provide a wide spectrum of assets, dynamic tools, thorough guides, and a dedicated manager to leverage performance.

Low-Cost Plans

Pairing a commendable set of services with reasonably priced commissions and spreads makes us a preferable choice

Exclusive Services

We encourage interested traders with free personalized sessions, fast pace execution, and individually designated account managers

An Excellent Crypto Broker
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Your Funds Are Safe with Us

Blockchain Tradein provides its services to many clients around the globe. We live by the code and conduct, giving our clients the best maintenance, the safety and security of their funds, and client protection. To grow your investment is our primary motive. Therefore, we have a solid financial condition, and we keep our information transparent.

Complete Encryption

We encrypt and safeguard sensitive data with the help of SSL and firewalls. SSL, also known as Secure Socket Layers, bridges an encrypted connection between a website and its user with the help of universally accepted security technology. It protects the user’s data and website’s integrity. A firewall is a device focusing on the safety of the network. It oversees the traffic on the network and governs the data packets based on security protocols.

Integrated Approach

As a market and interbank front runner, BTI outdoes crypto, forex, and commodities trading.With an integrated approach, Blockchain TradeIn targets the entire market with a diverse range of assets. The commonly traded financial assets such as cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, and commodities are our strengths. Combining our resources, skills, and experience within the field takes us to an elevated position as a capable investment firm.

Swap-Free Account

Enjoy a swap-free account with Blockchain TradeIn exceptional plans and services.A swap-free account allows Islamic users to pay standard fees instead of swaps. These fees rely on the movements in order and are not deducted as interests. Please make sure to connect to us via a free one-on-one session and learn more about swap-free accounts. If you’re interested in creating one, a dedicated manager at BTI can assist you with it.

Personalized Spreads

Users can attain personalized spreads for affordable prices with our exclusive.Blockchain TradeIn continues to treasure the enthusiasm of our fellow traders with personalized spreads. It implies our clients can customize spreads as per their requirements and obtain qualitative knowledge for the right price. So consider reaching out to us, and we’ll handle your concerns with utmost sincerity and attention.

Competent Management

Our trading platform serves excellence with a comprehensive and competent.Our services comprise account management and reporting as one of its prime segments. Trading into multiple assets at a time and gaining a good overview can’t get simpler than this. These services broaden to include market evaluation, fixing deals, real-time updates, P&L statements, margin analysis, and monitoring. Dealing in financial assets with BTI can be your one-stop solution.

Transparent Solutions

The accuracy of our technology allows us to represent transparent trading charts and details.Blockchain TradeIn aims at creating a transparent, fast-paced, and lucrative trading platform for all. The technology and advancements employed in our business depict an accurate view of the market movements and trader’s performance. We abstain from offering any unrealistic predictions. We provide traders with a sense of security as they invest their money through us.

Continuous Monitoring

Our upgraded system enables us to monitor and efficiently handle trader’s accounts.Investment plans at Blockchain TradeIn extend a full margin policy. This policy focuses on enlarging the profits made by the investors. By monitoring multiple accounts continually, we give out real-time updates and furnish a compatible account security system. It aids in decision-making and in identifying potential investments. Our clients can use the best of plans and maximize their earnings.

Extended Reach

Blockchain Tradein is an enormous trading platform extended across many countries.We are a global investment firm handling a massive number of portfolios on a day-to-day basis. Our panel of experts is skilled at dealing with high volumes of trades occurring in every instance. A specialized team is delegated to each country to assist the traders in the best manner. Our experience within the global market also benefits the traders in exploring opportunities worldwide.

Insight Courses

Beginners and amateur investors can avail of our self-study courses with a one-click resolution.
Enroll now and trade like a pro!

Our Experts

Meet our brilliant team that takes away your hassles and hustles hard to drive results.
Our professionals value each client and their concern.

Joey Claire

David Garcia

Reagan Miller

Jeffrey Smith

Our Trading Products

Choose from 5 different asset groups and diversify your investment with
500+ trading instruments, all from a single account.


Blockchain Tradein has in store mega virtual coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, and many more.

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Invest in a bunch of widely recognized firms and stay acquainted with economic updates by opting indices.

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Insert money in commodity-backed investments of your choice and enjoy returns with its favorable pricing.

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Own stake in firms where your interests lie and exercise your rewarding rights as a stock trader through our platform.

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Go global and accomplish new goals by engaging in currency trading with Blockchain Tradein’s specialized guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BlockChain trading is one of the most renowned brokers in the world, currently catering to over 50,000 clients worldwide.
BlockChain trading makes trading fun and straightforward. Our job is to make sure everyone ends up being a great trader. That is the very reason we always have a team that always guides you and supports you at all levels of the trading game.
We provide the best services. For Example, Direct Market Access (DMA), Leverage up to 1:500, T+0 settlement, Dividends paid in cash, Free from UK Stamp Duty, Short selling available, Commissions from 0.08%, Access to 1500 global shares.
If you want the best forex trading experience, BlockChain trading is a one-stop solution for you and your team. With the best account management practices, customized spreads on our BlockChain trading exclusive account, and a high level of encryption, we provide the best solution when it comes to your forex trading goal.
Getting the right platform for you is very important. However, there are differences across competing exchanges, and as such, it is helpful to do some research to determine which is best for your preferences.


Blockchain TradeIn offers the best trading accounts and plans available in the market
at affordable prices around the globe.


$250/ Min. DEP.

  • Leverage* - Max. 1:100
  • Trading Platform - Desktop, Mobile, iOS & Android
  • Instruments - Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, Commodities & Energy
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$1000 / Min. DEP.

  • Leverage* - Max. 1:200
  • Trading Platform - Desktop, Mobile, iOS & Android
  • Instruments - Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, Commodities & Energy
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$10,000 / Min. DEP.

  • Leverage* - Max. 1:300
  • Trading Platform - Desktop, Mobile, iOS & Android
  • Instruments - Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, Commodities & Energy
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$25,000 / Min. DEP.

  • Leverage* - Max. 1:400
  • Trading Platform - Desktop, Mobile, iOS & Android
  • Instruments - Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, Commodities & Energy
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$50,000 / Min. DEP.

  • Leverage* - Max. 1:500
  • Trading Platform - Desktop, Mobile, iOS & Android
  • Instruments - Forex, Crypto, Indices, Stocks, Commodities & Energy
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