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Lolli- A Bitcoin Winnings Provider Drives $10 Million


  • Lolli- A Bitcoin reward and winnings provider hits $10 million with Series A funding managed with the assistance of Acrew Capital.
  • An aim to ascend Lolli’s team of 20 commences with a release of an Android application and the addition of a merchant partner.
  • Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber who transformed into a boxer, takes part in the featured raise.

Lolli, a cryptocurrency enterprise, giving away Bitcoins to its audience as winnings used for shopping, reportedly drove $10 million via a Series A financing cycle. The recent cycle has surfaced within a four-month gap after Lolli drove $5 million funds through its pre-Series A financing cycle.

Acrew Capital ran the Series A financing cycle with the contribution of angel investors, such as Josh Richards, Logan Paul, Baron Davis, and Chantel Jeffries. Other corporate engagers were Formula VC, Animal Capital, Banana Capital, Seven Seven Six founded By Alexis Ohanian, and UpNorth Media.

Lauren Kolodny- managing partner and co-founder of Acrew Capital- has reportedly collaborated with Lolli by sharing the director’s board.

Lolli’s Series A cycle has pulled out finances worth $20.25 million to date. Over the past, It has driven worth $10.25 million with three cycles. A subsequent cycle is suspected to occur in the upcoming year to comply with its extensive aim.

Lolli’s Ascent

With the recent inflow of funds, Lolli has arrangements to ascend its reach. It has declared a recent Android app release and partnerships. Its existing team totals up to 20, and they plan to raise it by twice the current numbers.

There are rumors that it has in store big names to add up to their collaborations within the upcoming month. They are companies associated with mobile services, including market segments such as grocery, food delivery, fast food restaurants, shared rides, gas stations, and more.

Lolli has identified mobile as their core sector and plans to dedicate its services and endeavors revolving to mobile. In 2018, Lolli originally released a browser extension. Further, it has published its iOS application in the previous month. Now, we await an android application to be out soon.

Bitcoin Winnings via Lolli

Lolli is a winnings provider, allowing shoppers access over thousands of vendors, including names like Microsoft,, and Kroger, by delivering free bitcoins as winnings.

These winnings vary on each spent amount, with an average of 7%, going up to 30%. To date, it records an aggregate bitcoin giveaway worth $3.5 million. Its business prototype is such; it makes references to heaps of retail partners. The enormous funds gained in the process set a chunk aside to reward its users and attract more onto its platform.

With a user base of over 300,000, Lolli intends to expand bitcoin usage to a larger audience. To live up to the same intent, Its US-based firm has been adopting expansion opportunities globally.

Lolli has been smart enough to publish a waitlist to understand better where it’s potential global users situate. Its services are considerably desired in Europe, South America, Canada, and Southeast Asia, where it could plan an expansion on a future date.

As for its future goals, It anticipates giving all users a hand at bitcoin trading, interest earnings and consequently paying off its vendor collaborations with the digital currency.


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