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Popular NFT photographer Drift on Crypto for future

Drift, an emerging NFT Photographer, is renowned for capturing images from heights that can make one giddy. Isaac Wright, an Army Veteran, reckons Cryptocurrency as the future for Black America.

This Black History Month, our interactions with renowned artists, investors, and crypto founders belonging to the black community give us valuable insight.

Isaac Wright (also known as Drift), a photographer and city explorer, was arrested in December 2020, following a search operation conducted throughout the nation. He was held accountable for offenses rousing from his photographs, where he mounts skyscrapers, bridges, and various other compositions that secure phenomenal yet whirling images.

However, after Drift’s retirement from the paratroopers unit of the Army’s special forces and suffering from PTSD, the life-endangering photography brought him the calm and relief that he craved. Additionally, it also brought in millions of dollars for him.

Last spring, Wright was bailed out; after all his charges were relinquished, he initiated the sales for his work sequence known as “Where My Vans Go,” in the form of NFTs across the OpenSea platform. He has now taken up the task to articulate his foresight about Cryptocurrency as a weapon, generating revolutionary riches for the black people and those of color.

So how did he commence photography?

In 2018, he actively served the Army, living in a deserted space, at one of the lousiest stations across the country, Fort Polk, in Louisiana. He’d witnessed city explorers’ film in New York, which was intriguing for him. Something Wright wanted to try out for himself. Finally, one night, he decided to steer to Houston and go up a 50 stories plot under construction. Drift highlights the moment when he sat up there and felt at peace; the feeling outrivaled everything he’d known.

How did he dive into the NFT space?

Before his arrest, he was going big all over Photo twitter, where all the photographers posted on Twitter. One of his friends handling his social media when he was locked up noticed how everyone was getting wealthy by using photos as NFTs. His friend suggested that they put together a collection. He sold his artwork first on Foundation by the end of April and minted a few more photos during May. Drift’s series “Where My Vans Go” sold out the first piece in August. By the time his last drop was out, Wright’s auctioned works had stood a worth of 20 ETH and more. It was a point of realization for him when he made a considerable sum of $2 million.

NFTs in the eyes of Drift

To Wright, NFTs depict the artist’s ability to own up to their work and brand. He stated that he didn’t require anything to act as the bridge; his photographs have established a base to his wealth, which then allocated opportunity to other channels for more wealth creation. He now takes this occasion to extend the opportunity to people of color and black artists. In his opinion, Black ownership is enormous. The cryptocurrency market enables ownership by the Black community. He concludes that the ideal aspect of Cryptocurrency is its similarity with the Wild West, with zero rules known. It implies everyone can participate in the rule-making.