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Revealing the top NFT trends

Hannibal Ledger is a fictional character who appears in the film Hannibal Led…, after the first trailer for Zero Contact, a sci-fi thriller starring Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins, was released.

The movie will be premiered on the NFT platform Vuele, allowing the users to buy one-of-a-kind versions of films and digital collectibles. The director of the movie told Deadline that, It promotes scarcity in the film’s copies and guards against piracy.

As he’s taking his shot… Jaylen Clark, a UCLA basketball player, is the first college athlete to start a cryptocurrency. In collaboration with Rally, a “social token” platform, the sophomore released $JROCK. Jokingly, Clark said that there is a buzz on the social platform calling him Black Elon Musk, and it is always exciting to be the first to do anything.

Cointelligence in Artificial Intelligence… ARK Invest CEO Cathie Wood forecasted the dramatic junction of crypto and AI in an interview with the crypto podcast Bankless: “We’re going to see blockchain technology and artificial intelligence meet and generate explosive reactions.”

Serving appears to be… A CryptoPunk NFT was incorporated into the outfit of Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder, during this year’s Met Gala. On his lapel was a little version of the punk with a tweet. I chose to bring my wife’s #CryptoPunk to the #MetGala (that I bought for her). WAGMI, as he was escorted to the celebration by his wife Serena Williams.