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Robert Kiyosaki Buys Bitcoin, Says Pension Funds are the Biggest Investment

Robert Kiyosaki, the Rich Dad Poor Dad author, has revealed why he bought bitcoin. He also explained how pension funds are investing in cryptocurrencies and that they are familiar with the fact that stocks, bonds, and fake money are losing value.

The well-known author, in a tweet, explained that the reason he bought bitcoin is pension funds— the biggest investment in the world. He mentioned the Forbes article “Your State Pension Is Now Gambling On Cryptocurrency,” which had a study stating that 94% of American state and local government pensions are exploring the digital asset industry.

Moreover, Kiyosaki, in another tweet on Friday, gave the reason why he advises buying gold, silver, and bitcoin, arguing that the pension crisis drew attention to the central banks’ inability to curb inflation. He highlighted that while pensions till now invested in gold and silver, they are moving toward bitcoin.

Furthermore, Kiyosaki encouraged investors to invest in real money— gold, silver, and bitcoin, and warned against fake money, saying that their end is near.

Bitcoin is trading at $19,406.45 right now with a 24 hours trading volume of $16,175,951,080. The price level has not fluctuated and has been trading in the range of 19K to 20K from the end of August.