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Snoop Dogg Proclaims To Be an NFT Whale

  • It’s time to drop it like it’s hot… Snoop Dogg, who has used a variety of aliases during his career, caused a stir on crypto Twitter last week when he claimed to be Non Fungible Token whale Cozomo de’ Medici, whose known assets are worth $17 million. While there’s certainly a connection between the Twitter persona and the rapper, many people are suspicious of the assertion that they’re the same person (Is he actually tweeting about NFTs from an anonymous account all day?) — especially since Snoop just started promoting his new album. “Follow the wallet,” the rapper said in a cryptic tweet.
  • Last week AMC CEO Adam Aron took to Twitter to ask if the movie theater chain should embrace DOGE (in addition to several other cryptocurrencies). The polls resulted in 80% in favor of DOGE, acknowledging the result of the poll, Aron assured that his company will now figure out a way to accept Dogecoin.
  • Tom Brady, a seven-time Super Bowl champion, spoke about the future of crypto in sports during a Sirius-XM interview with sportscaster Jim Gray, saying he’d love to “be compensated in some Bitcoin or Ethereum or Solana tokens.” He went on to say that it won’t be long before athletes are being paid in cryptocurrency.
  • According to a Newsweek study, around a third of 9,700 voters in nine swing states in the United States would vote “yes” on a ballot initiative making cryptocurrency a legal method of payment. A party should act quickly if it wants to capture these responsive voters.
  • The new capital of the state of Florida is… Miami now has its own cryptocurrency, thanks to Mayor Francis Suarez, who is a big crypto booster of the technology. MiamiCoin (MIA) was created with the help of CityCoins, a platform that allows cities to generate municipal cryptocurrency based on the Stacks protocol (a smart-contract layer based upon Bitcoin). A percentage of the rewards from the mining process is sent to a city-owned wallet. Suarez said in a recent interview that MiamiCoin was producing $2,000 for Miami every ten minutes, which the city could one day utilize to pay for municipal services without having to tax its citizens, which would be a huge step forward.