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Strike Secured $80 Million in Fundraising

A press release reported that Strike, a major payment provider for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, has raised $80 million in a series B fundraising round led by the bitcoin-focused investing group Ten31.

The co-founder and managing partner of the group, Grant Gilliam, stated that they believe Strike is poised to bring about a more efficient, innovative, and inclusive financial experience for everyone by disrupting the current system.

The University of Wyoming and Washington University in St. Louis also contributed to the fund, which will aid Strike’s drive to change payments for businesses, online marketplaces, and traditional financial institutions.

Strike founder and CEO, Jack Mallers, stated that they are moving full speed to not just integrate revolutionary payments of Strike but to innovate and deliver on more financial inclusion globally with various businesses and partners.

Strike’s open API was first launched at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami; the investment was also announced at the launch. BlackHawk, the biggest worldwide payment provider, and the likes may use the API to make it easier for the users to send and receive bitcoin and fiat currency over the Lightning Network.

Additionally, Shopify, a global e-commerce platform, and the National Cash Register have started using Strike’s application programming interface. The money will be invested in existing alliances along with being branched out and forming new ones.

Mallers also added that every company that moves money is interested in superior payments, and they have reached out to many of them. He said, “ it does not get any bigger and more exciting than innovating in payments for the betterment of the world.”