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The timeline of events followed by the death of the Queen

Here’s everything that will be done today following the demise of the Queen. Traditionally Thursday would have been D-Day or D+0 in the plans followed by the Queen’s death (codenamed London Bridge). But since the announcement came in the evening at around 6.30 pm, the plans were shifted a day to allow the elaborate arrangements to be put in place. Now, D+0 will be considered Friday.

Friday, September 9 – The King and Queen, Charles and Camilla return to London.

1200: Church bells will ring across the country to commemorate the Queen.

1200: MPs in the House of Commons, led by Prime Minister Liz Truss and Speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle, will pay tributes to the Queen.

1300: Gun salutes to the Queen, one round for every year of the Queen’s life in Hyde Park and other stations across London.

Royal mourning in the court, a period of royal mourning for royal family members and the royal households, will be observed for seven days after the Queen’s funeral; the date is yet to be confirmed by Buckingham Palace.

National mourning, the length of which is yet to be confirmed by the government. It is likely to be around 12 days, starting now and up till the day after the Queen’s funeral. The funeral day will also be a public holiday, a day of National Mourning.

1800: The King will address the nation through TV, which he is yet to pre-record. He will pay his tribute to the Queen and pledge as the new sovereign.

Remembrance service: The Prime Minister and senior ministers will attend a public remembrance service at St. Paul Cathedral in central London.