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U.S. Air Force takes on its ‘SpaceVerse’ trademark

SpaceVerse has been defined as “a conversion of terrestrial and space with both physical and digital realities in a secured environment.” while providing simulation for a training environment.
Considering its potential application, the United States Air force has filed a trademark expanding well into the Metaverse.

As per the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Department of the Air Force trademarked the term “SpaceVerse” in an application filed on Thursday. At the same time, defining it as a conversation of terrestrial and space, both physically and in digital reality, by providing synthetic and simulated extended-reality (X.R.) for training, testing, and operational environment in a secured digital metaverse. It is still unclear if the initiative bears its connection with the U.S. Space Force, which is still organized under the Air Force; however, it is considered a “different and independent branch of the armed forces.”

Several firms, including credit card companies like Mastercard and American Express, Nike manufacturer of footwear and apparel, and the New York Stock Exchange, have their trademark application connected to activities in Metaverse. Trademarks on logos and branding in a virtual environment and using nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, to authenticate certain files were among the applications.

Following the social media giant Facebook’s announcement in October 2021 to be rebranded as Meta, some major brands have launched virtual stores or other venues for consumers. For example, in February 2021, U.S. bank JPMorgan launched Decentraland, a virtual lounge based on the blockchain online world, while entering the Metaverse. In addition, Samsung created and launched a virtual store based on its real-world shop in New York City.

Amongst the sixth branch of the U.S. Military, the Space Force had previously announced its intention of merging the blockchain technology or, in other words, adopting digital assets. Space Force announced in June 2021 that NFT versions of patches and coins created to launch one of its vehicles would be available. In addition, the U.S. Navy has also entered into a $1.5-million contract with Consensus Network to develop a logistical system based on blockchain technology called HealthNet.