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What the Ukrainian war testifies about cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has backed Ukraine with instant help. Even before Russia’s invasion, the country was preparing for crypto adoption.

Ukraine has accumulated a lot of heed from the rest of the world for accepting voluntarily contributed cryptos, funding its fight against Russia. However, Ukraine was already marching towards crypto adoption before Russia’s invasion.

Ukraine’s President, Zelensky, fled to Silicon Valley last year to partner with cryptocurrency administrators. Further, the nation’s parliament authorized cryptocurrency almost with everyone’s consent. As a result, Ukraine stood forth for Global Crypto Adoption Index’s 2021 Chain analysis.

With the crises causing damage to the economy and humanity, it also underlines the significance of cryptocurrency with its regulation-free and boundless nature. Moreover, it exhibits an unconventional method for war-stricken countries to seek monetary support and battle for freedom.

  • Ever since the commencement of the war (which was less than two weeks back), over $63 million worth of crypto has been transferred to the country’s governance or voluntary associations. While contributions from more than 100,000 donors surfaced from different nations, numerous donors thought the procedure took a couple of minutes or less. Donations have been driven in the form of currencies comprising Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Tether, Dogecoin, and more. One of the contributors even sent across CryptoPunk.
  • Fedorov, the Digital Transformation Minister for Ukraine, has escorted the cryptocurrency campaign. With his observation, Ukraine’s governance has permitted crypto contributions via Twitter and various wallets to accept distinct currencies. He recently declared an NFT collection carrying proceeds that back Ukraine’s military. With last week’s record that raised $50 million, Fedorov then tweets about moving onto a goal for $100 million in donations for the current week. Ukraine’s military, governing the cryptocurrency funds, develops a multi-signature wallet that needs authentication from a minimum of three military officers before the transaction goes through.
  • The contributed cryptocurrency is allocated instantly, with over millions expended on essentials such as equipment, food, bulletproof vest, and more. Beyond 40% of providers to Ukraine’s military are accepting crypto transactions. Alex Bornyakov, The Digital Transformation Ministry’s Deputy minister, states, “It is effortless, quicker, uncomplicated, and transparent as compared to traditional banks.”

How does it make a difference?

Ukraine’s smooth transition to cryptocurrency for a crowdfunding platform underscores some of its unique features, a globally-adopted, prompt, and boundless option to the traditional banking system. Even when we eradicate wealth creation and investment, cryptocurrency and its technology allow the global community to transform efficiently. It has brought a seamless cross-border payment system into effect, which provides immediate transactions to suppliers, simultaneously erecting an international community comprising people who are eager to operate digitally while backing a cause that they stand by.