Why is investing with BTI better than Banks or Credit Card?

Why is investing with BTI better than Banks or Credit Card?

What does a Credit Card offer you?

Interest charges

The more powerful the card, the greater the spending limit but credit cards have interest rates. As the power of the card increases, so does the interest rate. The interest-only digs a more deep debt hole while you carelessly spend your fortune.

The Urge to Spend

Credit cards help you spend more easily because spending with a credit card has lower stress effects than a cash user. In addition, when you are not using cash, it is easy to fall into the debt trenches.

Paying Late Fees

For busy people, it frequently happens, as they forget to pay the bill by the due date. The bank swoops in on the opportunity and hits you with a late fee. The fees depend upon the card you hold and how much you spend. The worst part being the bank can keep on adding up the price.

Bad Credit Score = Bad Reputation

A credit score or trust score is used to dignify if a human deserves a loan or if he deserves a debit. Those who do not use their credit cards wisely face the accusations. Subjects like late payments, high balance, and getting new credit cards frequently will knock off your score.

Benefits with BTI


Our experts are equipped with a vast pool of knowledge about the global markets and help you see the big picture and the unknown investments opportunities, which will help your portfolio branch in different and new streams.

Investment management

At BlockChain Tradein, we manage, design, and deliver custom-made portfolios for individuals and families blessed with wealth. Our wealth managers will evaluate your current portfolio; accordingly, you will be offered fixed and assured returns. In addition, we give you options to invest in multiple assets and get globally-focused equity while being guided by investment strategists.

Alternative investments

If you are looking for something other than mainstream, our experts get insight from around the globe via local experts, and thus we can deliver you the best in real estate, private equity, and hedge funds. Sometimes alternative investments can play a vital role in growing wealth.

Cryptocurrency investments

The masses have always called the crypto investment a scam. It’s a normal human instinct; when humans don’t understand something or can’t decipher it, they attack. However, we have studied crypto, and we trust it and its power returns. Cryptocurrency is limitless. We invest, and the crypto grows for you.